Taking data from Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues and creating visualizations with it.

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Sortable in season stats

I often need help cherry-picking interesting data from my league for weekly emails and trash talk, so I created some sortable tables.

Example in season stats

Name Number of teams
209 Boyz 12
Keepers 10
Sunday Funday 8
Last Minute League 12
2017 NFL Fantasy League $280 14
SB Champs The Atlan...Patriots 12
Greater Holmdel Fantasy League 18
Score a goal unit basket 14

Playoff/Team win scenarios

I wanted to see what the playoff implications of certain wins and losses were, so I made a tool to show possible outcomes

Example playoff scenarios

Name Number of teams
1st & Freehold 12
4th and Goal 12
2017 - Daechi FF 12
SchnitzelBowl 12
League of Doe Cousins 12
13th Annual KCPC Football 12
Show us your TDs 10
Edmonds Premier League 12
Purple Rain 14
National Fantasy League 12

Post Draft Visualization Board

This is a simple tool that gives a visualization of your draft after automatically importing your league's draft results. Colors represent the difference between where a player was picked vs their ranking, to help see which picks were good deals and which were reaches. You can compare draft picks against Yahoo's Average Draft Pick, or to Expert Consensus Rankings in either PPR or standard formats.

Example Post Draft Visualization Boards

Name Number of teams
Around the World FFL 2 1
Yahoo Public 1356934 10
Yahoo Public 1355260 10
Yahoo Public 1352220 10
Yahoo Public 1352810 10
Auburn 6
JZJ Fantasy Football League 10
Yahoo Public 1342706 10
Yahoo Public 1346426 10
Mike's Mind-Blowing League 1